6 Best Educational & Learning Apps on Google Play Store

If you are a self learner then you may know about a lot of learning platforms and you might have used some of them as well. Some of the well known learning platforms are Udacity, Udemy, Lynda, Coursera, Khan Academy and much more.

Did you know all of the above mentioned websites and a few more has Android apps on Google play store? If no, then we are will walk you through the process of knowing about Android Applications for these learning websites. And Yes! They are among the top best educational & learning apps on Google Play Store. So here is the list of top educational and learning app on google play store.


Amazon Kindle Best App

Amazon Kindle appAmazon kindle is one of the world best traditional learning apps. It is actually a reader app which helps you to read a newspaper, a magazine or a book. There are thousands of books available on Amazon Kindle. You can buy those books and read them on the go.

Google Play Store Rank: #4.2 in Books & Reference


Coursera: Online courses Best App

Coursera Online Courses AppCoursera is one of the well known learning platforms across the internet. In this top best learning app you will get 2000 online courses from teachers of top colleges and universities. If you have an account on the website of coursera then just sign into the courera app and you are good to go.

Google Play Store Rank: #4.4 in Education


Khan Academy App

Khan-Academy-appKhan Academy is general knowledge platform where you can learn Mathematics, Science, Economics, and Statistics much more. Luckily they have an Android app on google play store. So you can get all those things on your finger tips. There are thousands of videos and articles so download the app and start learning now.

Google Play Store Rank: #4.6 in Education


Lynda Online Training Videos Best App

Lynda-Online-Training-Videos-appLynda is an online videos tutorial platform. Their app is one of the top best educational app on Google Play Store. There are thousands of video based courses available on Lynda. These courses are made by professionals and you can learn almost everything from there. There are multiple unique features of the app like you can save content for offline use; you can stream videos to your TV or Chromecast. You get personalized course recommendation based on your history.

Google Play Store Rank: #4.3 in Education


Photomath is Best App

Photomath appThis one is my personal favorite among the list top best educational app on Google Play Store. This is the most unique app in our list because you have to point your camera to a Mathematics problem and it will give a step by step solution to that problem. Isn’t it amazing? It also recognizes hand written problems. It even shows you graphs of the calculations. So it is quite handy.

Google Play Store Rank: #4.6 in Education


Udemy Best App for Learning

Udemy AppLast but not the least. Udemy is one of the biggest online learning platform on the internet. There are 65000+ free and paid courses available on Udemy. LEARN ANYTHING: Discover courses in over 2,000 topics – from coding and data science to marketing, Photoshop, yoga, and more.

Google Play Store Rank: #4.5 in Education