Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet Review 2023

Amazon has always tried to provide maximum quality at a reasonable price. From books to outfits to gadgets, you will find Amazon competing successfully with popular brands.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet has topped up the list with its low price and stunning kids-friendly features. The supreme quality, learning stuff, and 2 years of worry-free guarantee make this updated Fire HD 8 a useful pick for your kids. Enjoy free replacement of your tablet in case your kid breaks it during the first two years of purchase. Also, Fire HD Tablet is designed for kids ages 3-7 that include easy-to-use parental control apps.

Kids’ Access to Educational Stuff

Talking about the education stuff, WELL, you do not need to confuse yourself with unlimited learning apps on the Appstore. Instead, the Amazon subscription service makes over 15,000 learning materials accessible to kids. They may enjoy books, TV shows, Cartoons, Games, or educational apps according to their age groups. Amazon is wise enough to place the Age filters to do the job. Age filters ensure that every kid sees content that is relevant to his age group.

Amazon Fire HD Specifications

Moving to the design, it is noteworthy that Fire HD 8 has done no giant updates in its design. It has the same design as its 2016 predecessor. It has an 8-inch screen, surrounded by black bezels, and 4 color options to choose from for the plastic rear casing. Amazon has put really cool color schemes which are kid-friendly as well. You will find three buttons at the top edge, making a clear front side.

With giant storage of 32 GB at a low price, this Amazon Tablet is already a winner. To add some more storage, there is a micro-SD card slot at the top-right edge. It is built over a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and 1.5 GB RAM. It has a 2Mp rear camera and a front VGA camera that is barely enough to make video calls or to capture your grainy selfies. The two onboard speakers provide a crisp and clear sound but we will recommend using a pair of headphones to enjoy a better sound experience.

Fire HD 8 provides HD video playback which is pretty cool. With razor-sharp pictures, clarity, and appropriate brightness, the Fire HD 8 screen display does not let down the image quality. You may be disappointed while comparing Fire HD 8 to high-end tablets because the streamed videos look slightly grainy. But it won’t matter a lot, after all, you are experiencing a feature-enriched tablet at quite a low price.

Kids are always clumsy while enjoying their meals. To guard the tablet against drops, disasters or food marks, there comes a kid-proof case with fire HD 8. The case is extremely durable, lightweight, and handy. Your kid will love to have it.

Parental Controls

If you are thinking of parental controls, you need not worry anymore. Parents, being wise, can always set time limits for certain apps. It means that when the time is up, the access to apps automatically gets blocked. It also helps you stop accessing your kids to inappropriate content. Being a parent, you can always manage the web browsing of your kids, set educational goals, create four individual child profiles and the list goes on. One interesting way for kids to search content is through the menu icons which help them to jump to their desired content.


Keep in mind that you will be needing Amazon Prime membership after the first 2 years of purchase. Without it, you cannot access Amazon content. To enjoy Amazon Appstore out of the limit, you need to purchase Prime membership. Such Amazon’s extra payment options make users annoyed.

Amazon Fire HD 8 fulfills many of the needs which you will be looking at an affordable rate. It is cheap, lightweight, designed carefully, and satisfies the standards of an ideal children’s tablet. To enjoy the experience to its fullest, you will need to purchase the Prime membership. In case, you do not want to enjoy the premium services and are satisfied with the third-party streaming services (i.e. Facebook, amazon prime, etc.), you can also enjoy Fire HD 8 as a basic Internet device.

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