Best Kids Tablet for 7-10 Year Olds : For Gaming & Education

Apple is known as the smartest brand in the market due to its much-anticipated products. From smart TVs to iPhones to tablets, it has always created hype among the masses.

The Apple iPad Pro has already done wonders and with constant updates, the iPad experience gets better. You may consider Apple’s newest iPad Pro a perfect fit for the educational needs of advanced learners and it’s the best kids tablet for 2022. With constant updates Apple keeps on introducing, your teen may be able to carry it to his college years (unless it never gets dropped without a safety case).

iPad Pro is Perfect Learning Gadgets for Older Kids

This is not an iPad for younger kids but it is introduced for the older kids or advanced learners. If you are looking for an iPad for toddlers, you should look somewhere else. It comes with extremely versatile features which the whole family can enjoy. For kids, there comes various kid-proofing options to feed your child with the relevant learning stuff. The App Store is always there to provide your kids with lots of educational apps and other learning material. Download the app of your specific interest and dive into the ocean of knowledge. Besides Apple being constant to its proprietary Operating System, you can download Microsoft Office from the App store.

Speed and Stylus

The question arises about the major difference between the 11-inch iPad and its predecessor. The answer lies in its speed and availability of stylus. Although there are no giant design upgrades in this Apple’s iPad there is an option of using a pressure-sensitive pencil. It would be a great addition for those who love doing artwork. It draws accurate angles and provides excellent digital sketching. But the Pencil support is not at all necessary, you can always use your fingers instead. Keeping in mind the additional expenses, many iPad users do not consider purchasing a stylus.


Apple 11-inch iPad Pro provides deep parental controls. In the iPad’s settings, you can put a limit to the browsing or you are always able to put a lock on any app. Also, you can install various parental control software for better kids proofing.

The iPad’s screen is not laminated like other Apple products. It lacks in providing the touching sense as that with the laminated screen. The idea of having a stylus with your iPad becomes absurd once the stylus is lost. There is this possibility as the iPad does not come with any support to keep the pencil safe.

The stylus tip can be lost easily. One way to keep it secure is through the purchase of an iPad case that has a pencil holder as well. Extra expenses just to keep the stylus safe and to protect the screen from any disaster. A good iPad case comes with a durable screen protector which you may buy to guard yourself against serious repair expenses later.

Talking about the speed performance, it is GREAT. The apps load extremely fast, games run rapidly and the interface response is beyond perfection. For the battery life, Apple claims to provide an average of Up to 10 hours of battery life after constant browsing. With this iPad, you will be having 128 GB to 512 GB of storage.

To make the iPad easy to handle, the screen is surrounded by bezels so you may hold the screen with one hand. Like other Apple products, there is located a home button below the screen which is used as a fingerprint scanner. You can choose the tablet in peach tone, silver or space grey colors. The color scheme is interesting though.

Thankfully, the iPad has not given up the support of the headphone jack. Also, you get Bluetooth 4.2 availability. The 12 MP rear camera is enough for tablet photography.


The iPad Pro is not the cheapest in the market (the price is nearly closer to a mini laptop) but you are getting lots of enough tablet features at this price. this is the leading kid’s tablet in 2022 at an affordable price. Check iPad Deals Prices here.

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