Best Apps for Amazon Fire Tablet for Kids 2023

You have bought Amazon Fire Tablet or Kindle Fire Tablet for your kids and now want to install some apps and games for them that can help them in learning something. Because games and apps are often the best way to teach your children something good and also provide fun.

So today we have assembled a list of the best Apps for Amazon Fire Tablet for kids that you can download free from Amazon AppStore and help them learn something new.



Bob Books Reading Magic App

Bob Books Reading Magic AppThis Fire Tablet app is for preschool and Kindergarten kids. It teaches them how to combine letters and make words from these letters. This is one of the best Fire Tablet apps on the Amazon App Store and kids’ favorite game because it is based on the famous Bob Book Beginning Readers. This game has 4 levels, 12 animated scenes, and 32 words that will help kids to learn to read simple words.

Amazon Average Seller Review: #1 in Apps & Games > Kids > Book Readers & Players


Sago Mini Fairy Tales App

Sago Mini Fairy Tales AppThere are hardly any kids who will not love fairy tales. This Amazon game brings the favorite fairy tales of your kid to animation. The kid will have to move the Jinja (Character in the game) to the marks to uncover new amazing animations.

Dance with characters and her friends just like a kid imagines. There are 30 different animations and each animation has something different. The perfect animation game for toddlers.

Rank: #1 in Apps & Games > Kids > Book Readers & Players


Dr. Seuss’s ABC Best App

Dr. Seuss’s ABC AppThis is another educational app for kids between the ages of 2 to 6 years old. They will learn the basics of English in three fun ways. There are tappable words in this animated app which enables the children to interact with the app and thus they can learn basic English vocabulary.

The next best thing about this app is that kids can tap on different objects and the app will narrate the object’s name loud. Click here for more details about this Kids’ App on Amazon App Store.

Rank: #18 in Apps & Games > Kids > Book Readers & Players


Just Me and My Mom – Little Critter App

Just Me and My Mom – Little Critter AppThis is sort of an interactive application that helps kids to English words that we use in our daily routine. They have shaped the app into a story. Little Critter goes for a tour of the city and interacts with different things.

There are three ways to learn; your kid can tap and read the words by yourself, Or the app can read it to your kid and there is an option of autoplay. So they can choose from any of the three options. This is one of the top best Fire Tablet apps to install on your kid’s Fire Tablet and they can learn the basics of English in a fun way.

Rank: #12 in Apps & Games > Kids > Book Readers & Players


Pixel and Parker App

Pixel and Parker AppPixel and Parker is actually a game for bedtime stories but with a little twist. They have shaped the stories into the form of spinners. They have to spin the spinner to get a new story every day and read on that story. This is a unique idea and that is why we have put it on our list of top leading Fire Tablet Apps for Kids on the Amazon Store.

In Rank: #23 in Apps & Games > Kids > Book Readers & Players
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