Top Best Fire TV Games Packs on Amazon App Store 2019

Has it ever occurred to you that you are hosting a party and searching for ideas to entertain your guests? If yes, then worry no more because we are here to cover you, you just have to read on. And if no, then also read on because you may encounter such situation in future. Today we will provide you list of Top Best Fire TV games packs 2019 that you can buy on App Store with a few bucks and you are good to go. Now read on the list of our top best games and thank us later.

Jackbox Games is a game development company and they came with the idea of Fire TV games Packs 2019. You can play those games with your friends on Amazon Fire TV using your tablets and phones as controllers. Yes you don’t need dedicated controller. The best thing about these Fire TV games is that you can play them with up to 100 friends. You can also install these games individually if you don’t want the whole Fire TV Games Packs.

01The Jackbox Party Pack

The Jackbox Party Pack App for TVThis was one of their first games packs. It includes 5 of their best fun party games for Amazon Fire TV. Just install the pack and start having fun. Below are the details of the games in this game pack.
• You Don’t Now Jack 2015 (1-4 Players)
• Fibbage XL (2-8 players)
• Drawful (3-8 players)
• Word Spud (2-8 players)
• Lie Swatter (1-100 players)

Amazon Best Seller Rank: #138 in Apps & Games > Games

02The Jackbox Party Pack 2

The Jackbox Party Pack 2 TV AppsThis is the second episode of their Jackbox packs. As their first pack was appreciated by people so they made this one even more fun. Jackbox Games put remote players feature in this Amazon Fire TV games pack. You can stream the game up to 10,000 audiences remotely while you play with your eight friends. Isn’t it more fun? Below are the games that are in this Amazon Fire TV games pack.
• Fibbage 2 (2-8 players)
• Earwax (3-8 players)
• Bidiots (3-6 players)
• Quiplash XL (3-8 players)
• Bomb Corp. (1-4 players)

Amazon best Seller Rank: #11 in Apps & Games > Games > Brain & Puzzle

03The Jackbox Party Pack 3

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 TV AppYou know what they say about quality stuff? You focus on quality and people will ultimately come around for your product. Same is the case with Jackbox Games. This Amazon Fire TV games pack is their best seller and has hundreds and thousands of downloads.
They included even more fund games in this Fire TV games Pack. Now it is actual fun in box without the box. Here is the list of games that are included in the Amazon Fire TV Games Pack 3

• Quiplash 2 (3-8 players)
• Trivia Murder Party (1-8 players)
• Guesspionage (2-8 players)
• Fakin’ It (3-6 players)
• Tee K.O. (3-8 players)

Amazon Best Seller Rank: #3 in Apps & Games > Games > Brain & Puzzle

04The Jackbox Party Pack 4

The Jackbox Party Pack 4 AppsThis is the latest addition to the Fire TV games pack. You can play games of this games pack in multiplayer mode locally however remote players can enjoy the streaming remotely. Below is the list of games in The Jackbox Party Pack 4 for Fire TV.

• The blanking fun sequel Fibbage 3 (2-8 players)
• The web-based frame game Survive the Internet (3-8 players).
• The spooky date-a-thon Monster Seeking Monster (3-7 players).
• The deranged debate match Bracketeering (3-16 players)
• The one-up art game Civic Doodle (3-8 players)

Amazon Best Seller Rank: #11 in Apps & Games > Games > Brain & Puzzle