Best Smartwatch you can Buy in 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

According to a survey, there are 40 million Smartwatches expected to be bought in 2023. The tech giants are working day and night to provide a memorable and pleasant experience to the users of Smartwatch.

Through smartwatches on your wrist, you can get your smartphone notifications. Not to mention the ease to use it as a fitness tracker, wallet, or even a phone. It covers everything for you that is missed in traditional watches.

Today, the top smartwatches are at the point where these are extremely smart, capable of monitoring lots of tasks for you. Whether you are looking for a smartwatch in everyday life, a fitness smartwatch or a good smartwatch at an affordable price, we will help you to find the best Smartwatch you can buy in 2023 for Android Users or Apple iPhone Users.


Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S3Samsung Gear S3 is a productive combination of amazing features along with clever marketing tactics. This modern Samsung watch is dominating the market for its design, compatibility, and exceptional ease of use.

It is a life-winning deal to bet for all the right reasons. The design quality is amazing and you sure will feel high on fashion while wearing it. It gives cool modern aesthetics as well as the feel of the premium smartwatch. The material used is of superior quality. Although it is much bigger than its previous S2 version if you like it this way, you won’t be regretting it later.

Talking about the interface, Samsung Gear S3 offers an impressive interface that combines all the necessary features in one smartwatch.

Another interesting fact about this Samsung smartwatch lies in its Operating system. Unlike other smartwatches, Gear S3 runs upon Samsung’s very own OS, known as Tizen which is quite promising. Gear S3 has much better improvements over its previous S2 version like the extended battery life or improved Samsung health software.

To use it as a fitness tracker, it is packed with a heart rate sensor along with GPS. With 4GB of storage, you can save the Spotify playlists offline which is an incredible addition. Thankfully, you do not need a data connection to listen to your favorite music.

To provide its users with a better experience of taking phone calls, it comes with a standalone speaker. Also, LTE support is available for those who wish for an untethered connection.

Besides all these specs, you cannot think of it as a complete fitness smartwatch due to the lack of a waterproofing system. Another con that might keep you at the bay for purchasing it lies in the lack of proper apps. Samsung keeps on introducing updates, making it possible the integration of proper apps in near future.

Also, it is expensive than any other smartwatch on the list so make sure whether you need it or not. Its OS is still developing and improving in many aspects. So you can expect huge improvements anytime soon.

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Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7One thing that makes Apple a trustworthy brand is the consistency they put towards the improvement of their products. Although Apple does not recognized as the founder of smartwatches, its dedication towards introducing the best smartwatches is undeniable. Included in the list is a smart sports watch introduced by Apple which you may call the best fitness smartwatchApple Watch Series 7.

Compared to the previous version of the Apple Smartwatch Series 6, you will be seeing important upgrades in Series 7. Starting from the OLED display, it is bright, vibrant, and undoubtedly looks gorgeous on visuals. There is not a lot of difference in the design as it looks pretty much similar to its predecessor, but you will love the additional specs under the hood.

Calling it a fitness smartwatch, there is a lot for you. There are fitness-tracking apps that are applaudable. The GPS tracker adds more versatility to tracking your fitness activities. There is a lot of enhancement when it comes to size and color. Pick the one according to your preference. Contrary to the other smartwatches, you do not need to juggle two phone numbers because Series 6 will share the same contact numbers as your iPhone. Thanks to the software updates in this newer version. The water resistance adds another score to the list.

The battery life is a concerning point that is not improved in Series 7 and retained the same i.e. 18 hours with a faster charge. The main reason is the data connectivity that drains out the battery really fast. Also, there is LTE and UMTS associated with series 7. Keep in mind that it is not a replacement for your iPhone.

Apple is a known brand due to the exceptional performance of its products. Following the trend, the Apple Watch Series 7 is quick, efficient, and powerful in its performance. Get yourself the best fitness smartwatch experience through the integration of built-in GPS and heart rate monitors.

Overall, it is the kind of smartwatch you never want to miss on. Although it is far from being perfect with the combination of powerful sports applications and fitness tracking app ECG app, the Blood Oxygen app, Series 7 provides an unparalleled experience to enjoy.

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LG Watch Style

LG watch styleThe LG watch style is attractive and lightweight, fashionable and functional, stylish, and highly competing smartwatch which is popular among a large lot. It has better fitness tracking capabilities and is ready to wear anywhere, anytime. Also, it makes notifications accessible to your reach.

LG Watch Style was launched along with its LG watch sports sibling, yet comparatively, it is lighter, smaller, and weighs around 1.6 ounces. By looking at its design aesthetics, you will find it to be cool and create its own style statement. It would be loved by those who prefer to wear a minimal smartwatch on their wrists. And it looks trendy, chic, and professional to all types of smartwatch users.

It does not possess a complicated interface. LG watch has a plastic OLED display with a sharp resolution for a better visual experience. The round stainless steel case provides a pretty slimmer look that appeals a lot. Its softer feel gives it a more female-friendly outlook and the vibrant colors add a more feminine touch. So, you may better call it the best smartwatch for women. You can select the color of your choice from 3 color palettes including Rose Gold, silver, and titanium. The straps won’t dominate your wrists as Style provides a slimmer and simpler case. The strap is not made up of quality leather which is a sheer disappointment. The battery life does not worth appreciation as well.

It is a decent LG smartwatch packed with Android wear 2.0. People who prefer to have a traditional smartwatch combined with slick Android performance would love to have an LG watch style. Keep in mind that it does not provide advanced sensors for sport such as GPS.

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Huawei Watch 2

Huawei Watch 2While purchasing a smartwatch, one of the most considerable things is the comfort it provides. We have seen many smartwatches in the market which lack this very important factor. Huawei watch 2 has just nailed it there. It owns a design that is very comfortable to wear.

Talking about the operating system, the Huawei Watch is built on Android Wear (Wear OS)which is faster and better than the original android wear. It provides Google assistance straight to your wrist. One of the buttons located there takes you to Google Assistant. There are buttons to view the app menu or to record the workouts. Besides this, you can also handle the messages from your wrist with the help of an on-screen keyboard. The price has made it pretty affordable while providing a pleasant combination of smartwatch features along with sport watch capabilities.

The beautiful design offers a thermoplastic case with interchangeable silicone straps. The design material does not make it a perfect smartwatch for whole-day usage. To use it as a smart sports watch, the built-in GPS and heart rate monitor are placed on its rear. These sensors, for sure, will attract fitness enthusiasts. To track your tracking runs, the Workout app is there for you. To track your fitness record, watch 2 comes with 5 fitness apps.

It is not as thicker as the other sports watches, hence making it light weighed on your wrist. A 1.2 inches of AMOLED display provides a 360 by 360-pixel resolution which is not a bad deal. It provides a very small water resistance which means you can wear it while doing the dishes but never try it in the pool.

The battery life is quite impressive and allows you to switch to ‘smart power saving’ mode. You can enjoy a battery life of up to 24 days once charged completely. There is also the feasibility to use Bluetooth with Watch 2 which is a thumbs up.

If you are an Android user and looking for an affordable smartwatch, Huawei Watch 2 can be the deal of the day. The customers are driving towards this amazing smartwatch which makes it a trustworthy deal to bet on.

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