Best Smart TV 2023 – Which TV to Buy in 2023?

A television or you may call it “telly” has been the centerpiece of a living room for many years. The better picture quality, HDR print, and dynamic color range are collectively increasing the demand of HD and the best 4K TV in 2023.

There is nothing worse than investing several dollars amount on a TV that is merely a box with over-saturated colors or dull images. Today, when every huge brand is introducing smart TV, it has become a tougher choice to pick up really good smart TVs in this Black Friday Deal at Amazon.

We understand the value of money which is why we have tested some best smart TV brands to pen down our reviews & buying guide, so you may not waste your money on some random selection. Through this list of best-value smart TV deals, you will get a fantastic experience. Check also the best smart TV Deals on Amazon Prime

01Samsung Q9FN QLED Best TV

Samsung Q9FN QLED Best Smart TVResistive to prolonged gaming sessions, supportive to Auto low latency mode when paired with Xbox One X, and comes with low input lag – Samsung Q9FN QLED TV is a gaming beast. It comes with cool gaming features including the Auto game mode. In this mode, the screen switches to fast-responding game picture mode and adjusts itself to provide you a memorable gaming experience.

Samsung is known as the biggest brand for manufacturing smart TVs for many years. With its very own QLED technology Q9FN comes with enhanced performance by producing better light as compared to its competitive OLED TV. You may call it a winning formula for providing best 4K high dynamic range picture. By providing full array local dimming, better lighting system, and wider color spectrum through quantum dot technology, Samsung’s 2018 flagship has fairly accommodated its predecessor’s problems. The picture gets better and so as the experience of enjoying the QLED display.

By viewing TV’s content searching features, you get content on live broadcasting and TV listings. Not to mention the hour-by-hour recommendations which is prominent in your entertaining hours. Q9FN looks gorgeous from the front with its slim bezel but slightly thicker from the side. But let it go this time as the picture quality is phenomenal.

Coming to the price factor, Samsung Q9FN QLED TV costs around $3800 which is pretty closer to its OLED competitors. Do not forget the ambient mode that saves you lots of electricity bills. So should this smart TV be on your wishlist? Could be!

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02LG OLED77C8 (C8 OLED) Best TV

LG OLED77C8 Best Smart TVIf you are in the market and looking for an OLED display that comes with multi-format HDR support, you should check on LG OLED77C8 (C8 OLED). LG comes with this advanced addition to its smart TV series that is better to its predecessors in providing better viewing angles and vibrant colors.

Combined with the Alpha 9 processor, you will be enjoying a better noise reduction experience with sharpness and vibrancy in the colors. LG77C8 being self-emissive supports every pixel to turn on & off independently to provide precise light control. The screen resolution is 4K UHD so you may expect a modern high-end OLED TV. With the integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, LG provides an improved AI experience. Note that Alexa support is not the best yet.

LG keeps on hurting its rivals by introducing the best smart TV deals and the same goes for C8 OLED. You may call it as the most affordable 77-inch OLED TV that comes with comprehensive features and superb picture quality.

Coming to the design, C8 is already a winner with an ultra-thin OLED panel. The slight metallic trim on the outer edge gives the sense of a zero-sized screen. The screen is supported over a 104cm wide stand with sloped sides. There are 4 HDMI ports, each compatible with HDMI 2.0b and HDCP 2.2 standards.

The HDR performance is impressive with a dynamic tone mapping function that is ideal for gaming purpose. LG OLED77C8 provides excellent picture quality with a less aggressive Auto Brightness Limiter and low input lag for gaming. With a bunch of stunning features, this could be a cheap smart TV on the list.

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03SONY KD55AF8  Best TV

SONY KD55AF8 Best Smart TV

Presenting you the best Sony 4K TV of 2021, at least for non-gamers. Sony is considered among the best TV brands who keep on introducing awe-inspiring TVs for many years. KD55AF8 supports a minimal design with a flat screen that sits perfectly on even narrower AV racks. To provide more stability, the box comes along with rubber stand spacers.

With Sony KD55AF8, get yourself a jaw-dropping picture quality experience that displays colors and brightness in an effective way. With Trimaster studio OLED monitors, you will be enjoying HDR 4K and SDR HD image clarity. Not to mention the HDR performance which is great for OLED even without Dolby vision. Talking about the audio effects, Sony delivers a clear and fantastic sound quality with no traditional speakers onboard. AF8 has an onboard Acoustic surface speaker which in a result provides impressive sound clarity.

For managing the cable connection, there are cable ties provided behind the screen and to avoid the clumsy wiring, four plastic covers are also available. You may call Sony KD55AF8 a perfect centerpiece for your living rooms owing to the great 4K HDR experience that it provides.

While plunging into its pros, you must be aware of the fact that it does not provide full support to Dolby’s vision. So maybe we need to wait for the updates to arrive. Besides proving a considerable level of functionality, Android OS 7.0 does not provide an ideal user experience. Also, this set is not at all ideal for gaming purposes, not even in the dedicated gaming mode. We can call Sony’s AF8 the best 4k TV for non-gamers.

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04Hisense N6800 (H50N6800) Best TV

Hisense N6800 Best Smart TVAre you searching for a cheap smart TV that looks appealing while placing in your living room? Hisense is a promising Chinese brand that manufactures feature-packed yet affordable TVs. Hisense H50N6800 is a 50-inch 4K HDR TV that also comes with a low input lag for gaming.

The design consists of a basic edge-lit LED panel that is highly compact and creates a slim trendy look. To give classier look, the bezel has a clean gunmetal grey finish along with side trims. The screen is supported over comparatively larger physical feet which takes larger space over AV rack. Hisense H50N6800 is a favorite to those gamers who want to enjoy 4K thrills on bigger screen size.

If you are thinking of enjoying an unbeatable Hisense smart TV experience with outstanding picture quality at a lower price, you will be facing lots of disappointments. Of course, providing 4K HDR TVs at a lower price comes with its downfalls as well. The image contrast and viewing angles are not equivalent to the rival technologies. The motion processing is not smooth either. Also, it does not support full-array local dimming backlight, instead, it has one stripe of LEDs to brighten up the screen.

To handle brightness fluctuations, there is a local dimming setting available in the user menu. Among 4 HDMI inputs, only 2 supports HDMI 2.0. To take full advantage of 4K HDR content, you may switch the format mode from standard to enhanced mode.

Besides all the disappointments you may face with H50N6800, this smart TV is super friendly to your pocket. If you want a 4K HDR smart TV without compromising on your budget, Hisense H50N6800 could be that cheap flat-screen TV on the-list.

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