Best Games You Should Play on Amazon Fire TV Stick 2019

Games and apps are more fun when playing on a big screen. I am not talking about big screen as tablet. What if you can play your favorite mobile game on an ultra HD TV screen? Well, Yes! you can. Amazon Fire TV Stick (Firestick) Fire TV allows you to play your favorite mobile games on TV.

In today’s we present top best games for Fire TV Stick on Amazon AppStore and you should play these apps on Amazon Fire TV Stick .


Alto’s Adventure App

Altos-Adventure-best-appAlto’s Adventure is an Amazon game that is based on the laws of Physics. You will experience real life snowboard adventure. With fully dynamic lighting and weather effects, including thunderstorms, blizzards, fog, rainbows, shooting stars. It has 180 missions and counting. There are six different kind of snowboards. Get details of this top best game for Amazon Fire TV here.

Amazon Best Seller Rank: #5 in Apps & Games > Games > Adventure


Goat Simulator GoatZ App

Goat-Simulator-GoatZ-best-appThe name of this game is a bit surprising to me too. This is a Zombie game and you do only one thing in a zombie game. Kill the Zombies. You have to eat something every five minutes to survive. You are to be goat in this top best game for Amazon Fire TV and kill the zombies. Fun game. Isn’t it? More details about Goat Simulator GoatZ here.

Amazon Best Seller Rank: #16 in Apps & Games > Games > Action


Deer Hunter Classic – Best Free App

Deer-Hunter-Classic-Free-best-appIf you like playing then Deer Hunter Classic is our pick of top best games for Firestick TV. Visual of this Amazon game are stunning and you are gonna enjoy the best shooting visuals. There are over 100 animal species which you can hunt down while playing on Amazon Fire TV. Hunting deer is just the beginning and you are going to face animals like wolves and tigers. Get more details here.

Amazon Best Seller Rank: #136 in Apps & Games > Games


The Escapists App

Escapists-best-appIf you are a fan of strategy games and you also have watched Prison Break then this is the game for you. The Escapists let you plan your escape from different prisons around the world. If you want to get out of the prison then the only way is to escape. This is one of the top best games on Amazon App store for Amazon Fire TV in the Strategy games category. The developers add new prisons every now and then and you have to find your way out of that prison. Get more details about The Escapists here.

Amazon Best Seller Rank: #5 in Apps & Games > Games > Strategy


Farming Simulator 18

Farming-Simulator-best-appFarming Simulator 18 is the latest addition to the Farming simulation games on Amazon App Store. With stunning 3D graphics and acres of vast fields enjoy modern farming in this Top best game on Amazon App Store for Amazon Fire TV. You will have to sow and reap six different crops and then sell it in the market.
Prepare your land in through tractors and trucks of best manufacturing companies. Click here for more details about Farming Simulator 18.

Amazon Best Seller Rank: #20 in Apps & Games > Games > Simulation


Hangman TV – Best Free App

Hangman-TV-Free-best-appRemember when we were children, we used to play a game guess the word. Hangman is exactly the same except with more fun and graphics. You can play with your friends and family with multiplayer game mode. You can choose from a lot of categories including, Books, movies, shows, countries animals and a lot more. More details about Hangman TV here.

Amazon Best Seller Rank: #36 in Apps & Games > Games > Brain & Puzzle