Best Games for Amazon Fire HD Tablet 2023

If you got Fire Tablet then you definitely wanna play games on this Amazon device. But you are confused about which games to play on your device.

Here is the list of the top best games for Amazon Fire Tablet on Amazon AppStore. Download the games now and thank us later.


Minecraft App for Amazon Fire

Minecraft App for Amazon FireIf you remember the old PC Empires and Kingdom strategy games then you really want to explore Minecraft. In this very Amazon Kindle Fire game, you will assemble your armies, conquer new territories and rule over them Not only new kingdoms and territories but new worlds and actually rule the universe.

You will also have to take care of your people and make new homes, colonies, and castles.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1 Paid in Apps & Games


Sonic The Hedgehog 2 App

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 App forIf you think you are too old for this game then you surely want to download this game for your kids. This is one of the leading kindle fire games on the Amazon App Store.

You will have to run as Sonic and Tails through high-speed environments like Chemical Plant and Casino Night. Run with the speed of sound and destroy Dr. Eggman or aim for the highest score.

Rank: #11 in Apps & Games > > Action


Survivalcraft 2

Survivalcraft 2 AppSurvivalcraft is also like Minecraft, a strategy game for Fire HD Tablet for Amazon App Store. You will be mooned on the shores of a blocky world. This is also one of the top-rating strategy games on the Amazon Store.

Explore mines, craft weapons, and tools, make traps, and grow plants in these Strategy games. You can tailor clothes for yourself and hunt up to 30 animals.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #7 in Apps & Games > Games > Adventure


Discovery LITE Game App

Discovery best appDiscovery is one of the best strategy games on Amazon Appstore for your Fire Tablet. You will have to place building blocks to discover a new world. In Discovery make houses, build villages, cities, monuments or you can dig deep down in the earth.
Place lights in your villages and cities to light them during the dark. It is more similar to Minecraft, and Survival Craft.

Rank: #48 in Apps & Games >  Games > Simulation


Spirit Run is Free App for Amazon Fire

Spirit Run is Free App for Amazon FireThe first version of Spirit Run is as old as smartphones. It has always been one of the top dominating free game in every AppStore. Now you can play the Spirit Run app on any Amazon Fire HD Tablet.

This game has about 170 million downloads. You have to jump and slide through different hurdles in the Jungle, Mines, and many other beautiful sceneries.

Rank: #35 in Free Apps & Games


Sonic Jump App

Sonic Jump AppThe original platform jumper is back as Sonic leaps up an all-new vertically challenging adventure in stunning HD graphics. Play as Sonic or his friends leaping through familiar and new Sonic worlds to battle Dr. Eggman, as you tilt and tap your way through fixed Story levels and Arcade infinite modes.

Rank: #36 in Apps & Games > Games > Arcade
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